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How to Track And Delete Your Major Online Data in 2021?

Deleting your personal information online is quite tougher than it sounds. Within the digital world, there’s very little you can do to retrieve privacy for your data.


Ever surprise why social media doesn’t cost you anything? Any digital medium which grants free access is trading their service to accumulate your info.

No matter, however, alert you believe you are, digital platforms are constantly gathering tons of data about you, which is out there in the open. Let us explore how you can reclaim what’s truly belong to you.


Facebook has been through numerous allegations that the enterprise has been stealing information from its users. It has a unique and highly developed data storing system.
This makes it exceptionally challenging for you to remove your personal data from Facebook. The corporate-giant collects loads of info from an individual that requires segregate folders to separate and organize the data better.
You can get a copy of this data if you want. Just navigate to Your Facebook information on Settings. You can request to download the records of your data but you can’t permanently delete those data. You can just permanently delete or deactivate your account but your data will be kept stored in its servers.



Instagram’s algorithm is getting increasingly correct with every passing day. It suggests your posts and advertisements primarily based on your watch history. By navigating to Settings > Security > Access Data > Ads, you’ll be able to see a listing of things that Instagram thinks you prefer the most.
Some of them may appear bizarre, whereas some precisely match your taste. If you wish to get a copy of this, you can try using the Data Download section. There is no option of deleting the collected data as similarly as the parent organization, Facebook.


Google is attempting to personalize your web-experience as no company has ever achieved before. For that, Google requires tons of your info. needless to say why Google has the biggest tracker network on the internet. More than 80% of the top websites on the web are having the tracker of Google. So, every time you browse over the web chances are that you’re under Google’s surveillance.
You should be additionally aware of the fact that Google possesses numerous powerful apps as well. YouTube is one of them.

By navigating to Google Account > Data & Personalization, you can find several options like Activity controls, Activity, and timeline, Download, delete, or make a plan for your data, Ad personalization, etc. that has statistics about each time you’ve accessed the internet through a Google product. You can turn off the saving of web activity in your account or delete the data permanently or even set your time interval to delete the data automatically after that interval. On the Ad personalization tab, navigate to Go to ad Settings and you’ll found the list of factors used to show the ads.


There is literally no logical reason that you should care about Apple stealing your data. Apple specializes in manufacturing its hardware and has several millions of prosperous clients from all across the globe.
It has definitely no purpose to steal your data and sell them to earn a profit. In 2018, Apple created an enormous scene about how they respect the privacy of its users.
You can locate some of your saved info by navigating to the Data and Privacy tab on your device. To be honest, you will discover it very boring.


Digital information is much more precious than physical currency in the era of the information age. There are a lot of corporations around the globe who’re seeking to make the most of these collected data.
Your information may get stolen too and auctioned on the dark web while you may not have any single hint regarding it. However, it’s far illogical and not possible at all to end the usage of social media.

However, it’s theoretically possible to delete the last trace of your data with a lot of lawyers, hackers, etc. but it would require an impractical amount of money and time. And that won’t get rid of the data that the government and tech giants like Google, Facebook have collected and stored somewhere. Instead, you can control what you share. Restrict the quantity of information you share on the web because deleting your personal data online is nearly impossible.

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