Key Highlights

  • Torrents are various files categorized as media files, applications, games, e-books, etc. shared on torrent websites via BitTorrent protocol. 
  • Interpretation of various torrent terminologies such as SEEDER/SEED, PEER, LEECHER.
  • Downloading miscellaneous copyrighted contents via torrent isn’t legal at all.
  • Torrenting involves numerous security threats and safety loopholes in it. 

If you’re a smartphone geek, it’s very hard that you haven’t heard about the very word ‘TORRENT‘!! You may have heard someone saying “Is torrenting legal and safe?”. Today I’m going to quench your thirst about torrents, what is it? Is it illegal? How can you securely access it from your smartphone? etc.

Torrents are basically files categorized as media files, applications, games, e-books, etc. These files are shared on torrent websites via BitTorrent protocol, i.e. peer-to-peer file sharing. The uploaders upload torrents and make them available for other users worldwide to download. But before we go to the depth, we need to know some terminologies related to it.

Seeds/seeders:- These are the users who have downloaded the specific torrent.

Leechers:- These are the users who are still downloading the torrent.

Peers:- These are users who are downloading and uploading downloaded parts of the torrent simultaneously.

Now it’s pretty much clear that the more seeders a torrent has, the faster it’ll download. Similarly, the more peers or leechers it has, the more time it’ll take to download.

“Is torrenting safe or legal?” – It can arise in your mind. Basically, premium porn videos from paid websites, proprietary applications (cracked or pirated), copyrighted e-books or materials are shared on torrent websites. So clearly, these deeds aren’t legitimate at all. That’s why probably many countries like North Korea, UAE, etc. have completely banned torrents.

Naturally, it’s not fully secure to access torrents without knowing the security threats and taking necessary steps to ensure safety. Moreover, hackers can steal your personal data while browsing torrents if you haven’t taken proper safety measures as they’re very much active on those websites. Also, they can track your IP address as well as hack your system too.

However, you can browse torrents anonymously by using VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). You can hide your actual IP address too by using VPNs. And as a safety measure, torrent websites shouldn’t be surfed without using VPNs.

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